“Think of it as digital drawing or constructed photography”

Chuck Elliott’s mesmerising digital prints seem to vibrate with rhythmic pattern and harmonic depth. Using the latest technology, Chuck is also very conscious of his links to the tradition of geometrical art and its pioneers such as Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely. Each work is hand drawn and computer generated, before being exposed onto metallic photographic paper using laser light. The resulting large-scale colour prints are produced in small editions, bonded to Perspex or Diasec mounted. In the last few years, Chuck has also created works on paper, most recently exploring materials and techniques in his own darkroom. At heart these extraordinary prints remap the boundaries between disciplines. They are music wrought in colour light and space; hand crafted images shaped with 3d computer modelling tools.

Chuck studied Graphic Art at Middlesex University and exhibits across the world. He lives and works in Bristol.