Maggie was born in Blaina, a small mining village in South Wales. She studied Fine Art at Newport College of Art and Design and took her degree at Exeter College of Art.

She moved to West Cornwall in 1988 where she still lives and works today. With an enduring love of nature and the outdoors, Maggie was drawn towards landscape art and spends much time on the coastal path, taking inspiration from the elemental beauty and finer details that surround her.

“I love the vast expanse of sea and sky. Here the weather is changeable; the winters are bleak and exposed, the summers can be warm and dry. Native wild flowers thrive, with oceans of bluebells giving way to carpets of sea pinks. I always strive to capture these rich colours and textures.”

Fascinated by the complex order of nature’s patterns, Maggie also finds beauty in the evocative, melancholic impermanence of all things. Everything changes, moving through the seasons, the cycles of life, death and rebirth.