“I have always loved nature…I spend much time out on the coast path, sketching its beautiful minutiae such as flower petals and seed pods”

Maggie draws her inspiration from both the wider elemental forces of her Penwith surroundings, and the finer details of its rich flaura and fauna. This balance of atmosphere and exquisite living patterns gives her work a layered depth and sense of intrigue. You can feel the melancholic impermanence of things; the cycle of life, death and rebirth that defines the seasons.

“I love the vast expanses of sea and sky. Winter can be bleak and exposed, while summer is often warm and radiant. Oceans of bluebells recede and give way to carpets of sea pinks…I always strive to capture these rich colours and textures”.

Having studied Fine Art at Newport College of Art and Design, Maggie took her degree at Exeter College of Art.