“For me the evolution of a piece is purely organic. There’s no planning or drawing”

Inspired by the seminal work of St Ives artists such as Barbara Hepworth and Dennis Mitchell, Chris’ sand cast bronze sculptures are pure abstract, although he usually has a mental image of each piece’s eventual form from the start. This creative freedom and spontaneity, combined with the diverse found objects that populate his studio, fire Chris’ creativity. They give each piece an inscrutable elegance and wit that is unmistakable.

The moment a casting arrives from the foundry, Chris begins the painstaking finishing process: grinding, filling, texturing, patinating and polishing. Once the form is mounted, he always feels a thrill and sense of achievement, as he takes in the contrasting surfaces and innate balance of a new sculpture.

The son of a toolmaker, Chris studied at Redruth School of Art before working in a number of foundries where he honed his casting skills. He is a member of the Penwith Society of Arts.