“I have always made paintings and drawings, even as a small child. Art was my diary: a way of recording and understanding where and who I am”

Spontaneous and timeless: personal yet archetypal. Nancy’s unmistakable work defies easy categorisation, because it is an instinctive, emotional response to life as she experiences it.

Using mixed media on canvas, board and found objects, Nancy celebrates contrasting textures and techniques, although as she says: “the ‘why’ is always more important to me than the ‘how’. These are works shaped by ideas more than execution. Her most recent paintings have explored two deep and enduring themes: the physical and symbolic migrations that have always defined human culture, and our relationship with other creatures, where innate spirit, identity and ritualistic representation blur.

Training at the Central School of Art in London and UWIC, Cardiff, Nancy first worked as a community artist, before moving to West Cornwall in 2002 and creating her own work full time. She currently lives and works in South Devon.