Stephanie grew up in the West of Scotland and is a self-taught ceramic sculptor. She previously worked in stage management and theatre prop making. On moving to Cornwall in 1998 she discovered a love of working in clay, which she has developed into an elegant and meditative expression of her lifelong affinity with animals and the natural world.

Informed by years of observation and a deep respect for her subjects, Stephanie’s animal pieces emanate presence and grace; their spare, stylised profiles and surfaces combining to encapsulate essential character. Some emphasize a familiar quirk or movement, whilst others convey a profound sense of peace in the resting form.

Stephanie says of her work and the elemental forces that help to shape it: “The natural world has always inspired me…I especially love the west coast of Scotland for its mountains and sea lochs, its soft mist and coruscating light, and West Cornwall for its dramatic coastline and granite outcrops which themselves suggest ancient animal forms emerging from the land.”