Four by Four

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• Hannah Woodman • Parastoo Ganjei • Masako Tobita • Rosie Musgrave

Clifton Contemporary Art brings together four artists whose work is defined, shaped and inspired by nature and its elements.

Hannah Woodman’s visceral, dynamic paintings use outline, texture, layers, confident mark making and pure accident to evoke the raw Atlantic coast and light dappled farmland close to her studio.

Parastoo Ganjei’s powerful, emotive acrylics capture the restless wash of sunlight and cloud over her local Wiltshire landscapes, but are equally expressions of feeling and imagination.

The gently enigmatic abstracts of Masako Tobita are an intensely personal creative response to the wild places she explores and knows. They evoke space, movement and form, but are layered too with feelings about the past, present and future.

Rosie Musgrave has been mesmerised by the beauty and quiet presence of stone since she was a child, but has more recently also explored the charismatic forms and exquisite colours revealed by bronze casting. Her sculptures have a timeless, universal quality, balanced with subtly harnessed intimacy.

Four by Four is an exploration of difference: of how artists find the utterly unique and diverse in shared environments and common themes.