“I use the physicality of paint and the density of pigment to create a sense of life that radiates from the canvas”

Carl’s work has a powerful enigmatic presence, born of its layered, textured depth and minimal monochromatic palette. Harnessing the sheer versatility of oil paint, Carl focuses on the semi-abstraction inherent in the human figure. His nudes and landscapes are perhaps as much an exploration of medium as they are expressionistic studies of subject. There are strong sculptural influences in Carl’s work, particularly Manuel Neri, and Colourists such as Morandi are important sources of inspiration too. His highly distinctive, muted choice of colours are used to evoke a sense of isolation and seclusion, while the liberally applied layers of freely dripping paint mirror the living presence of the sitter, literally and symbolically.

Carl took his degree at Bristol’s Bower Ashton Art School, and still lives and paints in the city.

Power in Stillness • Carl Melegari • Lynne Cartlidge