“The conjunction of land and sea offers the most exciting formula for my painting”

Over many years, Paul has forged an intensely personal relationship with the wild and marginal landscapes of West Penwith, the western most tip of Cornwall, where land and sea play out a timeless drama. There is an essential rawness and a compelling balance between elemental power and atmospheric peace in his en plein air paintings that distils this rugged, restless environment with arresting lucidity. Few artists convey the peninsula’s volatile character and the interplay of light and shadow across its ragged contours so completely. His work places you in a moment and in a vividly tangible place: not simply because he is an accomplished artist, but because he was there, living it in every sense. 

Paul graduated in Fine Art at Bristol Polytechnic in 1989, before heading deeper into the South West. He now lives in West Penwith. His paintings are found in collections across the world, from the UK and Europe, to the USA the Far East and Australia.