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New Collections by Nancy Pickard and Ellie Preston

2nd July – 20th August

For summer, the gallery is focusing on two artists who pursue their own unique exploratory paths. Not from A to B, but into the personal, the archetypal, the instinctive and emotional.

Nancy Pickard’s inscrutable mixed media paintings are rich with ideas and symbolism. Blurring the borders between animal and human, they are also inspired by the concept of migration that has defined and driven our culture for millennia.  

In Ellie Preston’s layered, contemplative abstracts, the creative process is a material exploration that begins with a formative under-painting onto which she builds depth and harmony. Each gesture, form and colour contributes to the whole, where the balance of thoughtfulness and spontaneity creates presence and power.

Complementing Nancy and Ellie’s work will be a selection of pieces by gallery artists including: Andrew Hood, Tom Hughes, Elaine Jones, Carl Melegari and Chuck Elliott.